DogFoodCon 2016 Sessions

Date Published: 06 October 2016

DogFoodCon 2016 Sessions

I presented at DogFoodCon 2016 yesterday, which had 400+ attendees and wrapped up today. It’s a great 2-day event that’s been going strong for close to 10 years, and is just one of several developer conferences in Ohio that consistently offer great quality content for very reasonable prices, and which consequently sell out their venue (CodeMash and Stir Trek being two others). Thanks to everybody who attended my two sessions, and to the organizers and sponsors of the event.

My sessions were on Improving the Design of Existing Software, which I’ve given several times before, and Decoupling with Domain Events, which was a new talk (though I’ve spoken about Domain events in the context of DDD many times before, too). Slides are available on Slideshare:

Improving the Quality of Existing SoftwarefromSteven Smith

Decoupling with Domain Events from Steven Smith

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