Accepting New Clients

Date Published: 14 December 2015

Accepting New Clients

I’ve recently left my role as Chief Technology Officer at Falafel Software to focus more on what I really enjoy: mentoring teams and helping developers improve the quality of their skills and applications. Falafel is a great company and I continue to work with them, providing services to several clients, but I am now also making my services available directly (as well as working on several online training classes). I’m most interested in working with teams who are actively seeking to improve, but are having challenges doing so. In my experience, just spending a couple of hours per week, or even per month, discussing team processes and coding practices or reviewing application architecture can pay huge dividends on the project. I have almost 20 years of professional software development experience and have learned a great deal in that time about certain topics, such as:

If you think you and your team would benefit from my services, pleasecontact me orpurchase a block of mentoring hours from my new online store. I have limited availability and am looking for the right clients to work with.

Steve Smith

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Software Architect

Steve is an experienced software architect and trainer, focusing on code quality and Domain-Driven Design with .NET.