Weekly Dev Tips Podcast

Date Published: 15 September 2017

Weekly Dev Tips Podcast

I started a weekly newsletter last year that's been going for over 70 weeks now sending a short, practical developer tip each week. You can subscribe to it here if you haven't already. Tips go out every Wednesday at 10am Eastern Time. In August 2017, I launched a podcast with a similar structure. Weekly Dev Tips just published its 5th episode, and each episode so far is under 10 minutes long. They're short but practical, and you can mix them in between your other podcasts or binge listen to a bunch of them in the time it would normally take to listen to just one episode of a longer, interview-style show.

Although most of the tips are independent of one another, I recommend listening to the show from the beginning, since I will occasionally refer back to past shows. Again, since they're pretty short, it shouldn't take long for you to get caught up, even if you're reading this a year or two into the future (and if you are and I'm still producing these, something's gone right!). You can change your preferences for the show order/sequence in your podcast app (for example, here's the iOS Podcasts app settings):

iOS Podcast Settings

I still like to see the newest shows on top, but when they play I want them to play oldest to newest, so I've configured mine like so:

[caption id="attachment_1896" align="aligncenter" width="169"]PodcastSettings-OldestToNewest Play Oldest to Newest[/caption]

Look for this show in your iTunes or Stitcher app (and rate it please), or you can just listen on the show's website.

[caption id="attachment_1893" align="aligncenter" width="169"]WeeklyDevTips-iTunesPodcasts Weekly Dev Tips on iTunes / Podcasts[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1894" align="aligncenter" width="169"]WeeklyDevTips-Stitcher Weekly Dev Tips on Stitcher[/caption]

If you have feedback about or ideas for the show, you can contact me or leave a comment on the show page or mention the show on twitter (@weeklydevtips). Thanks!

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