Speaking at DevReach 2011

Date Published: 30 September 2011

Speaking at DevReach 2011

’m very pleased to be speaking again at DevReach in Sofia, Bulgaria next month. As usual, the conference has an amazing list of speakers (which I’m still somewhat amazed includes me), with Scott Hanselman making the trip out this year to give several sessions. If you have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it. There’s certainly no other conference in Eastern Europe that comes close.

This year, I’ll be presenting on three topics. The first is something new for me. I’ll be co-presenting with Richard Campbell of DotNetRocks on Performance Tuning ASP.NET – Stories from the Trenches. For this session, Richard and I are each going to share some of our real world performance tuning stories with the audience. It should be a lot of fun and will also show off some important tips and techniques for diagnosing and fixing performance problems in real world systems.

The next topic is also performance-related, which is Improving ASP.NET MVC Application Performance. I presented on this topic earlier this year at MVCConf, and it was very well-received. There are, needless to say, a few tips and tricks related to performance that are specific to ASP.NET MVC (as opposed to ASP.NET Web Forms), which I’ll be covering. I may also look at some of the new async features of ASP.NET MVC 4 and how these impact performance, but I’m not sure yet if that will fit into the session.

The third session will be on Common Design Patterns. This is a presentation I’ve given several times, and allows developers to learn about the “low hanging fruit” of design patterns – the ones that I’ve found to be helpful in the largest number of common situations for .NET developers. Whether you can’t name a single design pattern or you know dozens of them by name and use, this should be an interesting session, and one which usually (at least in the United States) involves audience members a fair bit.

I’m looking forward to the trip, the sessions, and many great conversations with attendees and speakers from around the world. I hope to see you there!

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