Speaking at Connection in Vegas in November

Date Published: 24 April 2007

Speaking at Connection in Vegas in November

I found out that I should be speaking at the DevConnections show this fall. The show is being held in Las Vegas again, November 5–8th. I apologize to anybody that had hoped to see me present last month in Orlando at the spring show – I was unfortunately out of the country due to circumstances beyond my control (but which you’ll see more details on in a future blog post very soon).

At the Fall 2007 show I’ll be presenting the following:

Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration for ASP.NET and VSTS

I’ve given this talk once before myself and it was one of my talks this spring that was covered for me. It’s one of my current favorite topics and something I’m working with every day at the moment.

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Overview

This talk is always new, and is one that’s great fun to give at user groups because there is so much to talk about and always something new. I’ll also show how to leverage the the infrastructure of the toolkit to create your own controls using the same model.

Building ASP.NET 2.0 Applications with support for Personalization and Membership

This is a new talk for me — I submitted some abstracts on some of the core features of ASP.NET, such as Personalization and Membership. I’ve used these features extensively in my most recent projects, so while I don’t have the slides prepared this far out, I’ll be sure to cover the things I encountered, and of course talk about creating your own provider(s).

Hope to see you at the show! Registration for fall hasn’t opened up yet, but the dates are set so keep it open if you’re considering attending.

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