Slashdot Acknowledges Vista More Secure Than Linux

Date Published: 28 June 2007

Slashdot Acknowledges Vista More Secure Than Linux

Wow, even Slashdot, anti-Microsoft capital of the Web, acknowledges that six months after its release, Vista Security is still besting Linux. From the site:

“Great report on security vulnerabilities for MS/Linux/OS X. This is a revised version of the one Jeff Jones did back on March 21: Windows Vista — 90 Day Vulnerability Report. This time he did what the Linux community had asked. Everyone complained that he did the report based on a full Linux distro including optional components, not on just a base OS install. So this time he did both; Vista still came out on top. I was shocked that Apple was even on the list as I believed all those Mac commercials!”

Full story.

Oddly the moderator posted the story as “maybe-because-nobody’s-using-it” which is rather ironic since Linux ranks third in total user base behind Windows and Macs (and as a result, far fewer “black hats” target if they’re seeking maximum reach for their exploits). According to W3Schools’ stats for May, Linux does have 0.2% more user base than Vista, but Vista’s share has increased 2.5% since January while Linux has dropped 0.3%.

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