PDC Birds of a Feather Forums

Date Published: 22 September 2005

PDC Birds of a Feather Forums

I was lucky enough to attend a few Birds of a Feather sessions at PDC05, including one hosted by Julia Lerman on Going Solo. At many of these, the time goes by very quickly and many of the attendees have additional questions for the host or for one another that must go unanswered. Further communication is usually limited to a few hastily exchanged business cards, but the group itself disintegrates within moments of the end of the session.

Well, in answer to this, AspAdvice has set up post-event forums for ALL of the PDC05 Birds of a Feather sessions. Couldn’t make it to PDC, or to a BOF you were interested in? Check out these forums, ask a question for the group, see a bit of what you missed. If you did attend the BOF in person, you might summarize what you thought of it and post it to that BOF’s forum for others to benefit from. The forums are there to help get good information out, so please, use them.

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