MIX and Tech·Ed 2008

Date Published: 26 November 2007

MIX and Tech·Ed 2008

I'm planning to attend MIX 2008, in its third year and being held at the Venetian in Las Vegas once more. The site has started a weekly podcast called The Signal that you can subscribe to and learn about behind-the-scenes preparations for MIX08. The show includes interviews with speakers, staff, attendees, and other notables and is a mix of technologies and topics.

Tech·Ed 2008 is going to be split up into two shows this year, just as it has been in Europe lately. This has a lot of people unhappy, because it makes the show twice as expensive for exhibitors who cater to both developers and IT professionals, as well as attendees who span the two roles or just want to see what's going on in the others' world. One of the nice things about TechEd, historically, is that it provided a mixture of topics for developers and IT guys alike, but I can understand why the logistics alone of hosting a show with over 10,000 attendees annually would be cause for the split. The two lesser TechEds will therefore be:

  • Tech·Ed US 2008 Developers – 3-6 June 2008 – Orlando, Florida
  • Tech·Ed US 2008 IT Professionals, 10-13 June 2008 – Orlando, Florida

I will be speaking at the Tech·Ed Developers show, most likely on Caching and/or Performance. Hope to see you at one of these shows.

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