Holiday Skins for .NET Controls

Date Published: 14 December 2008

Holiday Skins for .NET Controls

As the end of year holiday season approaches, it's fairly common for some web sites and products to re-skin their logos and applications to make them a little more festive or seasonal. Google has long been known for their creative variations of their logo in response to various holidays throughout the year. This year, at least one .NET control vendor, DevExpress, has created a Holiday UI skin for Windows.

This is an application-wide UI skin, which developers can use to instantly modify the look and feel of traditional Windows solutions to one which is styled in a Christmas/holiday theme. Ray blogged about the new theme a couple of days ago, and already it's gotten quite a few comments.

I'd like to see some ASP.NET Themes and Skins that follow this trend (not necessarily for a particular vendor's controls, though that would probably be where we would see them first). Doing a search for .net holiday skins didn't return any first-page results for component vendors other than DevExpress, so it doesn't look like anybody else has anything like this yet, but who knows, now that DevExpress is doing it, who will follow?

Don't forget that if you do order from DevExpress (anything, not just Windows Controls or Holiday Skins), you can get a 10% discount (and I get a referral credit) if you use this discount / coupon code: [sorry expired].

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