FolderShare — Soon to be MS FolderShare — and SyncToy for XP

Date Published: 04 November 2005

FolderShare — Soon to be MS FolderShare — and SyncToy for XP

I finally started playing with FolderShare earlier today, and it’s working beautifully However, my specific scenario I want is to keep two folders on Maxtor OneTouch network drives in two separate locations (home/office) in sync. Sadly, FolderShare doesn’t work on network shared folders/drives. However, I have a fix for that, I think (keep reading)…

Totally coincidentally, I read that FolderShare is being acquired by Microsoft, announced today. Read more here. This is welcome news since I suspect it means that future versions of Windows will have built in support for these kinds of file synchronizations.

But wait, I also was led by my fellow RDs to this gem, SyncToy for Windows XP. It’s only just been released recently, and while I’ve installed it I haven’t actually gotten my scenario to work just yet. But it sounds like it will do everything I want based on the docs. Between FolderShare and SyncToy I think I’m going to have a much easier time keeping my files organized between various computers, network drives, offices, etc. I can also see this being terribly useful for VPC machines as a way to keep code or other critical files in sync.

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