DevReach 2013 Recap and Slides

Date Published: 10 October 2013

DevReach 2013 Recap and Slides

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Sofia, Bulgaria for the DevReach 2013 conference at which I was once more a presenter. DevReach is always one of my favorite conferences to speak at, because the food and culture of Bulgaria is great, the attendees come from diverse backgrounds, and the conference planning always goes above and beyond to take care of the speakers. I found this to be true my first time speaking here in 2008, and it is still true today (which is good, since the event is now run by Telerik, my employer, and I helped with this year’s speaker and session selection).

I had a pre-conference workshop on Monday on software engineering that was very well attended:

Thanks to everybody who spent the day with me, with attendees coming from as far as Ireland for this day of training. If you’re in the Ohio area, Telerik is actually hosting a similar day-long event October 16th, which still has a few slots available (Software Engineering 101, Hudson, October 2013).

I only had one conference session this year (we had a lot of great speakers from around the world), which was an evolution of a talk I’d given at DevReach last year. The presentation focused on Improving the Quality of Existing Software, and discussed principles, metrics, and specific techniques that can be used to keep technical debt from growing out of control. You can view the slides here:

If you’re interested in deeper coverage of this material, check out my online training courses.

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