DevReach 2012 Sessions

Date Published: 06 October 2012

DevReach 2012 Sessions

Thanks to everybody who attended my DevReach sessions. I had two talks and two panels, and both of the talks were standing room only (in the smaller theater), which was great to see. The panels were both recorded on DotNetRocks and should be published later in October 2012. I also did a software craftsmanship hands-on workshop before DevReach began, which drew about 20 students who learned via hands-on exercises about TDD, dependency management, and mocking from Phil Japikse and me. I’ll have a couple more of these workshops coming up later this year, which I’ll post here and/or on my Facebook Page (like to see updates as they are made there), if you’re interested (tentatively in Orlando and Las Vegas).

My Thursday session on Principled N-Tier Design is here:

**Principled N-Tier Design**from Steven Smith

and my Friday session on Refactoring Applications using SOLID Principles is here:

**Refactoring Applications using SOLID Principles**from Steven Smith


The demos from Principled N-Tier Design are on bitbucket here, and show a progression from a single solution to a domain-centric n-tier design for a simple guestbook application.

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If you enjoyed these presentations, you can learn more about these topics from my Pluralsight courses:

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