Black Belt ASP.NET Performance Talk

Date Published: 06 June 2008

Black Belt ASP.NET Performance Talk

I gave my Tech Ed presentation, ASP.NET Black Belt Performance Techniques, yesterday afternoon. The talk was well-attended, with about 300 372in the audience. I gave the talk last month in Cleveland and it was very well-received. I promised attendees the slides and demos would be available on Tech Ed’s CommNet, and right now the slides are but I’m having trouble getting the demos uploaded so I’m also posting everything here:

Download Demos
Download PPT

I wasn’t terribly happy with my performance with this talk, and the overall evaluation average for it was 7.84, which is pretty respectable (based on evaluations from 1 to 9 in a few categories) – the best talks at the show have around 8.5. About 90 people left reviews (so far – they can review it for 48 hours after the talk, so some more may do so in the next day). The demos worked but according to some of the comments I went too quickly at the end – I may need to cut out some things or just try to get into the meat of the talk faster since I spent about 5 minutes on introducing some performance and measuring concepts. It’s tough to make everyone happy – 93% thought the technical level was “Just Right” while 2% thought it was “Too Technical” and 5% thought it was “Not Technical Enough”. 97% thought the demos were effective, which is pretty good.

If you’re reading this it hardly matters, because the links are here, but the demos and slides are now available on the Tech Ed website/CommNet.

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