Attending CodeMash 2008

Date Published: 04 January 2008

Attending CodeMash 2008

I’ll be attending CodeMash again for its second year, at the Kalahari Resort in Ohio. Last year it was a great local conference and this year I expect it will be even better. The conference is uniqe in its approach in that it combines a wide variety of developer technologies in one place, and encourages crossover for all attendees. In this way I believe it is somewhat similar to MIX, but as I’ve had the misfortune of missing MIX the last couple of years (but I’m going this year!), I can’t say from personal experience.

Anyway, I’m going to be at CodeMash just on Thursday. I plan to attend some sessions, probably catch ScottHa’s keynote, perhaps be part of a discussion on web performance, and help staff the experts panel. If you’ll be attending, stop by and say hello. Oh, and check out the Silverlight Session Scheduler!

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