Regular Expressions and ASP.NET Connections

Date Published: 07 May 2003

Regular Expressions and ASP.NET Connections

I completed my Regular Expression Cheat sheet a couple of days ago, so that I can hand it out this week at my session on regular expressions at ASP.NET Connections in New Orleans. It’s intended to be printable (thus it’s not a complete reference – only the simple beginner stuff that fits on one page), so that someone could tack it up to the wall of their cubicle or tape it next to their monitor if they were new to regular expressions, didn’t necessarily care to memorize all the little characters, but had to work with regular expressions nonetheless.

And on the topic of the conference, I’m leaving tomorrow and should arrive in New Orleans around 3pm. I’m going to be in the exhibit hall at the MS booth from 3:30 to 6pm answering questions as part of a MS Q&A thing they are doing all week. Later there is an “unplugged” event from 7-9pm Wednesday that I’ll be at as well. If you’re around look me up and say hi. This year I’m speaking on caching and performance, custom controls (using my favorite, validation controls, combined with other web controls using templates and design time support), and of course, regular expressions. Hope to see you there!

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