Starter Kits and Samples for SQLExpress and .NET 2.0

Date Published: 13 July 2006

Starter Kits and Samples for SQLExpress and .NET 2.0

If you haven’t seen them already, there are a bunch of sample applications available for SQL 2005 from Microsoft. These include:

  • Internet Explorer Favorites Manager
  • Skills Manager
  • Survey Manager
  • Help Desk
  • Web Reports
  • Windows Reports

In addition, there are also a number of Starter Kit apps available. I’m not sure what makes one thing a “Starter Kit” and another a “Sample” (the web sites state that “Starter Kits are fully functional applications designed to help you learn SQL Server” whereas “Sample Applications are fully functional applications that are designed to help you learn SQL Server” — see the difference?), but here is a list of Starter Kits:

  • Teacher Starter Kit
  • Collection Manager Starter Kit
  • Amazon-Enabled Movie Collection
  • Club Web Site
  • Personal Web Site
  • Time Tracker Starter Kit

It may be that the starter kits are so-named because they’re listed as such on the ASP.NET site (well, some of them). On the ASP.NET site you’ll find these ASP.NET starter kits:

  • Personal Web Site
  • Club Web Site
  • Time Tracker
  • Classifieds Site (beta at the moment)

along with these “Community Supported Starter Kits”:

  • PayPal eCommerce Web Site
  • DotNetNuke Portal
  • Jobs Site
  • Media Library
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