ASP.NET Sandbox Projects

Date Published: 28 June 2006

ASP.NET Sandbox Projects

Ambrose posted about the ASP.NET Sandbox yesterday (which I saw in my daily DotNetSlackers new email), which prompted me to have another look at it. Read Ambrose’s post first – he gives a nice overview of what’s there.

The list includes some projects that have had big press, like Web Application Projects and Web Deployment Projects, but there are also some less-well-known projects in the works including BLINQ, which ScottGu demo’d at TechEd, and a nice Table Profile Provider that stores user profile data in a more accessible manner than the default SqlProfileProvider. I haven’t had a chance to get either of these working myself but I’ve downloaded them both and hope to do so soon.

Another tool that looks promising to me is the IIS Log Parser. I’ve downloaded this and used it in the past and it’s pretty nice – comes with full source, too. I’m not using it in my day-to-day activities yet or anything, but it’s certainly worth checking out, both as a useful app and as a nice example of how to write such an application.

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