Zune Links

Date Published: 05 January 2007

Zune Links

[categories: zune] I’ve accumulated some links, mostly for video encoding stuff, for the Zune that I’d like to share here.

PQDVD– commercial software for DVD ripping. Also will do DivX and other format converting, but I haven’t used that feature because I didn’t know about it and I only bought the DVD converter. They offer video and DVD for $39.95, and based on my experience with the DVD tool that would be worth it (to me, anyway) unless some of the free stuff below works nearly as well (which I haven’t determined yet).

SUPER– Free video encoding and DVD ripping. Haven’t used it yet but I’ve downloaded it and it was recommended to me.
Encode360– Designed to convert things into WMVs for use on the XBox 360 or the Zune.

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