Windows Azure June 2012 Update Required Reading

Date Published: 06 June 2012

Windows Azure June 2012 Update Required Reading

Today (right now as I type this) Microsoft has unveiled a TON of new features that are launching as part of Windows Azure. If you’d like to learn more about these announcements and services, here’s the short list of blog posts you’ll want to read/skim:

Scott Hanselman – Windows Azure – No Kidding

Scott Guthrie – Meet the New Windows Azure

Bill Laing – Announcing New Windows Azure Services to Deliver Hybrid Cloud

Jason Zander – Announcing the June 2012 Release of Windows Azure SDK

S. Somasegar – Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows Azure SDK

Brian Harry – Continuous Deployment to Azure with Team Foundation Service

LightSwitch Team – Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with VS 2012

These announcements are still being made live at, and I haven’t had a chance to review all of these links yet myself, but this should provide you with the info you need to really understand what this might mean for your organization or as a developer targeting Windows Azure.

Congrats to the Windows Azure Team! This is some very exciting stuff!

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