Which Visual Studio 2010 is Team Suite?

Date Published: 19 October 2009

Which Visual Studio 2010 is Team Suite?

The new VS 2010 has a new lineup of versions which you can find described on the Visual Studio 2010 Products page. Some things to note:

  • Ultimateis the newSuite
  • The β€œData Dude” SKU is now fully incorporated in the Premium and Ultimate versions
  • Premium and Ultimate come with a production license for Expression Studio 3, as well as Visio and Project 2010.
  • All versions now come with some Windows Azure pieces for dev/test use
  • All versions ship with Team Foundation Server (which now supports running on the client as a lightweight alternative to a full server-side install), providing version control, build automation, bug tracking, and continuous automation out of the box very quickly
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