VSTS Team Suite Product Key From MSDN

Date Published: 10 March 2006

VSTS Team Suite Product Key From MSDN

I noticed that my Visual Studio Team Suite install on my dev machine was down to less than 60 days for its trial. I’d completely forgotten that I’d installed it as a trial back in October or whatever when it was not quite RTM’d, so I threw in my MSDN Visual Studio Team Suite DVD and went into the Repair option, where it prompted me for a key to upgrade it to a “real” license. No problem – I went out to my MSDN Subscriptions page and went to Product Keys, but no dice. VSTS is not listed. Once again, Rob Caron saves the day. If you are upgrading a trial edition using your MSDN subscription, you will find your key on the VSTS install DVD, in the vssetup folder, at the *very* bottom of the setup.sdb text file.

Rob’s Post: Upgrading from Visual Studio Team Suite Trial Edition

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