Update From Bernstein

Date Published: 16 October 2004

Update From Bernstein

I've been here almost a month now, which has flown by very quickly, it seems. I can hardly believe October is more than half over! It's rained twice so far, but neither time enough to really leave any lasting puddles or wetness. But the rainy season is coming, I think in November. The daily highs are only reaching the 90s now, which is far more tolerable. Meanwhile, my platoon continues to improve our accomodations, which now include the following amenities that weren't here when we arrived: showers, electricity, outside lights, washer/dryer in a shed, platoon picnic pavilion / hangout area with ovens, freezer, grills, shaded outdoor workout area with punching bag and weights. The big thing we're working on getting set up now is internet which has been an ongoing project, the ultimate success of which remains in question.

This week was nice, too, because several of our fellow soldiers returned from R&R, coming in with some of our companions from our old home at FOB Caldwell. So we had a little reunion. Sadly, they returned just in time to join us in mourning the loss of one of the soldiers from Bernstein who was killed the week before. That was the first memorial service I've attended since my deployment, and I pray it will be the last.

I have a few more pics to upload but they're still in my camera, so I'll save those for next time. Who knows, in a few days I may be able to upload them from my quarters.

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