Unlock All Doors When Parking Honda Ridgeline

Date Published: 04 January 2010

Unlock All Doors When Parking Honda Ridgeline

I’ve had a Honda Ridgeline for a little over a year now and one of the absolute most annoying things about this vehicle is that when you drive, it locks all the doors, but when you stop, it only unlocks the driver’s door. Now, this is independent of the child safety locks that are switch-activated for the back doors. This is just a pure annoyance that makes me want to strangle some engineer somewhere about three times a week.


So, it finally bugged me enough for me to figure out if there is a way to change this behavior, and it turns out there is (apparently it’s in the owner’s manual, but who reads those things when you have the Internet?). The answer is pretty simple:

  1. Make sure the shift lever is in the Park(P) position.
  2. Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II)position, and make sure to close the driver’s door.
  3. Push and hold the rear of the master door lock switch on the driver’s door. You will hear a click.

Continue to hold down the switch: Until you hear another click(after about 5 seconds) to activate the driver’s door unlock feature. –Or, until you hear two more clicks(after about 10 seconds)to activate the all doors unlock feature. 4. Release the switch and, within 5seconds, turn the ignition switch to the LOCK(0) position.

Thanks to this thread for these steps! I just tried it, took it up and down the driveway, and it actually works. One less frustration for me in 2010!

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