Thrive for Developers

Date Published: 19 July 2009

Thrive for Developers

Recently, Microsoft launched a new developer community aimed at helping career software developers facing challenges in the current economy. The site is called Thrive, and I think the idea is that not only should you be able to survive the current economic climate, but if you play your cards right, you canthrive. There’s a lot of good material here from folks you probably already know (or should know):

  • A 10-part podcast from.NET Rocks on “Development in a Downturn” including interviews with many well-known developers
  • A 32-part screencast series on “How to be a better developer”
  • Step by Step resources to help get into new technologies
  • Job Search functionality
  • Local developer connection help (find user groups and bloggers in your area)

The site is organized into three parts: Advance Your Career, Enhance Your Skills, and Connect with Your Community. If you haven’t looked at it yet,check Thrive out and see if there’s something there you might find valuable.

Steve Smith

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