The Ultimate Developer Desk

Date Published: 21 September 2009

The Ultimate Developer Desk

team war room setup

Recently we moved from one end of our office building in Hudson, Ohio to the other, and while we wait for some space to open up and get renovated, a few of us are working out of a conference room with a 10' or so long heavy duty table in the middle of it. So we decided to deck it out with as many computers and hi-res flat screens as possible. Sitting on one side, there are 3 keyboards, 3 mice, and 5 monitors (driving 3 computers with a combined 18GB of RAM), which makes for a pretty good pair programming experience (the laptops on the ends are for email/IM).

Once we move to more permanent quarters, it'll be tough to duplicate this much hardware in such a compact space, but for now it's rather impressive (though having some more desktop space for notepad usage would be nice).

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