TFS Beta 2 VPCs Expire November First

Date Published: 29 October 2007

TFS Beta 2 VPCs Expire November First

In case you haven’t seen this news from last Friday, theTFS Beta 2 Virtual PC images have an operating system timebomb in them that is set to expire on 1 November 2007. This is not, however, the end of the world if you have been using these builds for demo or test purposes, though if you’ve got them in anything close to a production mode you’ll have problems.Jeff Beehler’s follow-up post describes exactly what will happen when the date is reached/passed, and some workarounds for it. From the sounds of things, you’ll have about two hours per reboot of the machine before it forces a reboot due to the timebomb. That means you should be able to use it for most demo purposes, assuming you start it up at the beginning of your talk (and you’re not talking for more than 2 hours). You can also upgrade to a fully licensed version, which most MSDN customers should be able to do easily. Finally, any time now there should be updated VPC images with VS2008/TFS2008 Beta 2 on them (like, today, I expect) and you canmove your data to this new TFS serverif you need to do so.

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