TF 120 Says \"Go Army, Beat Navy\"

Date Published: 10 November 2004

TF 120 Says \"Go Army, Beat Navy\"

The Army-Navy Football game is coming up (December 4th - more info), and a bunch of folks here are really into it. The Task Force (1/120th IN) put together a short movie they're hoping CBS will play during the game. However, I've been given permission to offer a 'sneak peak' at this movie to people who visit this site. The movie is a bit large (9 MB) so if you have a slow connection it may take a bit. If you want to watch it more than once, please save it to your hard drive so my bandwidth doesn't get totally used up with it -- just right click on the link below and select Save As, and once it downloads, open it from wherever you saved it.

Enjoy, and GO ARMY!


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