.TEST Tool

Date Published: 07 August 2003

.TEST Tool

James Avery wrote about .TEST, so I checked out their video demo.

It looks really very nice. The automatic generation of white box tests, ability to add black box tests without resorting to code, and notification of violations of best practices all were very compelling. The speaker in the movie needed to enunciate a bit better at times, and the UI looks like it could use some improvements, mainly by adding some additional columns instead of listing things like this:

25 / 2 / 94 / 92 (%) Some tests that ran

It would be nice if each of those numbers were in a column with a header and a tooltip saying what it is and letting me sort on it.

Like James, I too didn’t see anywhere to get price info. I just registered with the site so I could get the free download. After asking for some marketing info, it let me ‘proceed’ and I’m not grabbing the 42MB eval install.

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