System.Core in VS2010 Projects

Date Published: 24 August 2010

System.Core in VS2010 Projects

I just ran into an odd issue with a VS2010 project. In my case it was an MVC 2 application I was upgrading from VS2008. One of the built-in controllers (ProfileController) was failing to compile because it could not resolve the Linq extension method symbols Single() and Matches(). These are located in the System.Core assembly. I checked my project references in Solution Explorer, and System.Core was not listed. So I tried Add Reference, and System.Core was listed as included and gave me the option of to Remove it.


After some searching, I found this blog post, aptly named Do NOT remove the reference to System.Core from your VS2010 Project. It pointed out that this file is β€œspecial” and that if you remove it (or it gets lost somehow) you need to re-add it manually to your project using this syntax:

There is also a connect issue describing this bug (which is currently marked as Postponed), Cannot remove System.Core.dll reference from a VS2010 project.

In my case this appears to have been an upgrade issue, as the project worked fine in VS2008 before I ran the upgrade wizard to VS2010, and then in the course of trying to get it to compile for the first time, I ran into this issue. Adding the assembly to the project file by hand (via Notepad) solved the problem in my case.

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