Streaming Checklist

Date Published: 27 March 2020

Streaming Checklist

I'm a fan of checklists – they're an intermediate step before automating a process to ensure it's done correctly and consistently. You'll find a number of different checklists on this site. This one is about streaming, specifically for my account. I've been meaning to blog about this forever, but it's just been sitting in my OneNote for the longest time while other things have been a priority. But today, at long last, it's going to make it to my blog!

  • Run any IDE updates for Visual Studio, VS Code, etc. (but don't do this within 30 minutes or so of your start time)
  • Run Streamlabels (if you're using it)
  • Silence phone.
  • Make sure you have water on hand.
  • Take a bio break.
  • Adjust fonts to 16-20 in text editors. Zoom browser windows to 125%
  • Set show title and tags in Twitch dashboard
  • Add "Starting Soon" scene about a minute ahead (if using one)
  • Tweet that you're starting
  • Add "On Air" Red Circle to Twitter Name: 🔴
  • If playing music (Music to Code By for instance) start and set volume to 1-5%
  • Launch Chatty (or other chat monitor) in separate monitor
  • Verify you're set up to use the correct microphone and sound is making it to your stream!
  • Verify your camera (and background) are good to go, too.
  • Disable notifications and turn off chat/IM clients (or move to another monitor).
  • Close unneeded windows and applications.
  • If you want, set chat to "Followers Only" via "/followers 1m" (requires users to have been following you for 1 minute before they can post to your chat). /followersoff to remove.

Big thanks to Carl Franklin for providing me with permission to use Music to Code By in my streams.

Recording Dimensions (ideal)

  • YouTube: 1920×1080
  • Pluralsight: 1280×720

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