Stir Trek Event in Columbus Ohio

Date Published: 02 April 2009

Stir Trek Event in Columbus Ohio

I’ll be attending and speaking at Stir Trek on 8 May 2009, which happens to be the date the new Star Trek movie opens (coincidentally). What is Stir Trek, you ask? Well, let me tell you (by means of cutting and pasting from the above-linked site, to save you from exercising your mouse-clicking finger):

Stir Trek is an opportunity to learn about the key announcements from the Mix 09 conference, at a location that is a little closer to home, and in the comfort of a movie theater. There will be 10 sessions, in two tracks, so you’ll be able to pick the content that interests you the most. In addition, the day will include lunch, a raffle with some significant prizes, and a private screening of the new Star Trek movie, which opens in theaters the day of this event.

The following sessions are going to be presented:

  • What’s New in Silverlight 3 –Tim Heuer

  • .NET RIA Services: Building Data-driven Applications in ASP.NET and Silverlight –Tim Heuer

  • Choosing Between ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC –Rachel Appel

  • What’s New in ASP.NET 4.0 –Steve Smith

  • Internet Explorer 8, SuperPreview, and Web Platform Installer –

    Jeff Blankenburg

  • Seeing Through The Clouds: Introduction to the Azure Services Platform –Brian H. Prince

  • Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls –Matt Casto

  • SketchFlow: From Concept To Production –Tim Hibner

  • What’s New In WPF 4 –Michael Eaton

  • An Overview of jQuery –Phil Japikse

The event is being held at the Marcus Crosswoods Theater, which you’ll find at 200 Hutchinson Ave., Columbus, OH 43235 (directions). You can register now here. If your boss balks at paying for it, explain that it’s WAY less than the MIX conference that you didn’t go to. In fact, it’s less than the cab fare you’d have had to pay from the airport to the hotel for the MIX conference. Oh, and you get to watch a movie, which would normally be like $10 all by itself (maybe you keep that part out of the discussion with the boss). If nothing else, if that morning you’re feeling sick and have to call off work, but then by 8am you’re feeling better, the event doesn’t start until 9am. Just sayin’…

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