Still no orders - but I'm going to Ft Bliss for CRC

Date Published: 17 June 2004

Still no orders - but I'm going to Ft Bliss for CRC

In the last couple of days I still have not received my orders, which means I haven't been able to schedule my travel, but that should happen tomorrow. I do know that I'm going to Ft. Bliss as my CRC, which means the appropriate info is here. And I know I'm leaving on Sunday - it's just the details that are still up in the air. I tried to get some folks to nail down for me exactly where I'm going, but thus far nobody has been able to do so. The orders that are sending me to Bliss show me as reporting to a unit in Kuwait that is pretty much a replacement unit. From there I guess I'll get my final duty assignment/destination, a process which is very frustrating both for me and for a lot of the personnel here tasked with preparing me for where I'm going.

I managed to get some demo refresher training today, which made me quite happy since I foresee that as being a strong possible task that I'll be expected to do as a combat engineer once in Iraq, and it's been over 3 years since I did it. The training was basically just getting me up to speed with some new equipment in use now and verifying that the way I remember to do things is (still) correct. I remembered most of the important details, but of course with something like demo it's best to remember the little details, too, and I'm much more comfortable with my abilities now.

Chris, my LT buddy, is on a pass for the next 3 days, so I'm on my own. Really the only things I have to do here are turn in my TA-50 (helmet, web gear, ruck, etc.) and go to a country briefing on Friday. If anybody ever informs me what unit I'm going to be assigned to, I'll be sure to post it here...

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