Speaking at Kent State University ACM Chapter

Date Published: 06 April 2009

Speaking at Kent State University ACM Chapter

I’m giving a talk this week at Kent State University on ASP.NET MVC and SOLID principles. It will be at 3:45pm on Wednesday, April 8th, in room 228 of the Match and Comp Sci building. It’s sort of a dry run for a session I’ll be giving at TechEd in May, but also geared more toward students. I’ll be sure to post the slides and demos here as usual afterward. If you’re a student at KSU or are in the area, please feel free to stop by (the event is open to the public). My plan is to spend a very small amount of time describing MVC (and ASP.NET), and the bulk of the time discussing best practices for OOP culled mainly from Robert C. Martin’s books, such as these:

Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices

Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#

Clean Code

I’m most of the way through the last book, and I’m thinking it may have to replace (or certainly augment) Code Complete as one of the books all developers should read. Might have to update my Favorite Developer Books post soon.

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