Software Engineering 101 in Cleveland

Date Published: 06 July 2010

Software Engineering 101 in Cleveland

Next week I’ll be one of several speakers at a free one-day event being held at the Microsoft office in Independence, Ohio. The event is designed for Microsoft developers who are seeking to improve their skills in software engineering, including object-oriented design, design patterns, and automated testing. The event is being hosted by Microsoft and organized by the Hudson Software Craftsmanship group and Nimble Pros consulting services.

Initially there were 50 slots available – I think there are about 15-20 left as of today. The event is scheduled for 16 July 2010 from 830am to 4pm, so if you can get approval to come for some free hands-on training, sign up fast before it’s sold out.

You can register for the event and view the agenda here. If you’re planning on attending the Cleveland Give Camp, there will be a number of folks going to both, and the SWE101 event should wrap up in plenty of time to make it to the Give Camp.

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