Software Craftsmanship at CodeMash

Date Published: 08 January 2010

Software Craftsmanship at CodeMash

This week at CodeMash I will be co-hosting a Precompiler session on Software Craftsmanship with Brendan Enrick on behalf of the Hudson Software Craftsmanship group(@HudsonSC on twitter). The Software Craftsmanship session will take place Wednesday afternoon on 13 January 2010. This will be a chance to improve your skills as a software developer, regardless of your language preference or level of expertise, by working with your peers on a variety of exercises and katas. We will be pairing attendees up, and each pair should have a laptop with a dev environment of your choice, so please bring along your laptops to the session. From the abstract:

Join your peers and fellow craftsmen in a variety of coding kata and exercises designed to improve your skills as software developers. Led by organizers of the Hudson Software Craftsmanship group, this interactive session will help you sharpen your tools and learn from others. Experienced developers from all backgrounds are welcome, as are beginners. Attendees should already be comfortable with a programming language of their choice and if possible should bring along a laptop computer with their development tools installed, including a unit test tool.

The HudsonSC group has been active since August 2008 and we've got a great group with about 15-20 regular attendees. I'm hoping some of the regulars will come by the precompiler if only for a little while. We'll be going through many of the same katas that the group has done over the last few months.

ZenTempleI'm also excited to announce that throughout CodeMash we will be organizing a dojo/training room on Thursday and Friday in the Banyan room. Stop by any time during the conference and link up with others and train. The room will include space for you to work with others, as well as katas and exercises that you can go through to help guide your learning. If you find yourself between sessions, or want to get your feet wet with another platform, whether it's .NET, Ruby, Python, Java or maybe something else, come by the dojo for a bit of dedicated study. More from the session description:

Interested in learning some new coding skills, or honing up existing ones? Head over to the Coding Dojo held in the Banyan room Thursday and Friday. You can sit down by yourself or pair up with someone and walk through a number of exercises designed to improve your coding practices. Alternatively, use the room as an area to pair up with someone else to discuss anything you're looking to work on. Our thanks go to the folks from Nimble Pros who are donating their time to help with this exciting addition to CodeMash! BY-NC 2.0

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