Silverlight 2.0 Is Coming

Date Published: 29 November 2007

Silverlight 2.0 Is Coming

ScottGu today announced what many of us have been wondering and hoping would happen with regard to the next shipping version of Silverlight, which is that it will in fact be dubbed 2.0 rather than 1.1. My personal feeling on this is that it’s a very smart move, expecially given the long period of time between the releases (which most people did not realize when 1.0 Beta and 1.1 Alpha were previewed earlier this year at MIX) and the huge difference in the capabilities of these two platforms. I’m very much looking forward to Silverlight 2.0 and the many goodies it will bring, especially the ability to code everything in C#, with some decent UI controls, and LINQ and data support. Tim Sneath has some more on the Silverlight name game as well.

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