Several Thousand IRRs scheduled to come through FLW

Date Published: 14 June 2004

Several Thousand IRRs scheduled to come through FLW

I've learned that Ft Leonard Wood is expecting another several thousand IRR soldiers to come through the post, though I'm not sure what the timeframe is. This year, I'm pretty sure; probably in the next few months, if I were to guess. That's just what's scheduled -- I was supposed to be here with 4 other LT's and instead there's just 2 of us, so 40% showed up. So, if that holds true there's probably only going to be around 1000 IRRs coming through, but that is still huge. Chris and I are staying in a 50-bunk bay, but there's only 3 of those in our area, so either these guys coming through will be in separate housing or they'll be cranking them through much faster than they did us. But of course that's not my problem... What is interesting, for those of you following the whole IRR scene, is the fact that FLW is not a major troop mobilization station. They just get a small fraction of the total troops that are called up (or who are demobilized, for that matter). As such, if there's that many set to arrive here, you can expect there to be 10 times that or more scheduled at the major mobilization stations (exactly which installations those are, I'm not certain). I'll post more info about IRR stuff if/when I find it out, but since I'm leaving for my CRC on Sunday I doubt I'll have much more intel to share about the mobilization side of things after that.

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