Senate OKs more troops for Army

Date Published: 19 June 2004

Senate OKs more troops for Army

The Houston Chronicle reports.

Ironically, the pentagon is fighting this move. Personally, I think it is pretty obvious that the Army needs more people. The fact that we're dipping into the IRR soldiers, the last reserve pool there is short of a total draft, is evidence enough that we do not have the people we need. We also need the right kinds of troops. Given the fact that most of our conflicts with foreign states are won in a matter of weeks or, at worst, months, but that the tougher mission is in the time that follows, performing peace-keeping and security, it seems clear that military police units should comprise a large portion of the 30,000 more troops Congress is seeking to add. Fiascos like the Abu Ghraib prison could be prevented if trained professional were involved, rather than soldiers who were trained for something else and then thrown into MP positions because of shortages.

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