Reporting Services Plus Vista Equals Pain

Date Published: 05 February 2007

Reporting Services Plus Vista Equals Pain

I spent quite a few hours yesterday trying to get Reporting Services to work on my Vista laptop. It didn’t end up working. For quite a long time I got a login prompt when trying to go to localhost/reports, which would bomb after 3 tries and had references to several KB articles, including this one:

None of the ones listed helped.

I found plenty of others with similar problems. I made sure to install the December CTP of SQL Server 2005 SP2 but that didn’t help. I found this newsgroup post that seemed like it might help, but didn’t. Perhaps it will help someone else.

As it stands now, going to localhost/reports requires a login, and when I sign in with my standard user (who is also an administrator) it does let me in without a 401.1 error, but now all I see is the header. There is nothing below the header, where the reports and folders should be located.

It was a frustrating evening, but I think I’m going to have to stick with XP/Win2k3 for now.

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