PT Scores and Internet

Date Published: 23 October 2004

PT Scores and Internet

Not much new to report this week. Temperatures are getting more and more tolerable here, and in the morning it's actually getting cold enough that something more than shorts and t-shirt is required for PT. And speaking of PT, we had our Army Physical Fitness Test this morning. Not having taken one in over four years or so I was unsure how I would do, but I'm pleased with my score of 251 after doing 66 pushups, 68 situps and a 2-mile run in 15:17. I think that's better than I did back in the Ohio National Guard before I got out, but I'm not sure. I usually score in the 240-260 range, which is around 85% (60 in each event is minimum, 100 is maximum, so 300 would be a 'perfect' score).

Later on today, our local contacts returned and finished hooking up our satellite, and then I finished running cables and configuring my router and such, so that now my platoon has Internet access without having to walk a mile to the MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation -- phones and Internet). It's pretty slow especially tonight since everybody is online and most of us are downloading IM clients and windows updates, but hopefully it will be more reasonable speed-wise once our usage tapers off to mainly email and browsing, and not all at once.

And I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Mom, whose birthday was Thursday.

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