PDC 2009 Sessions Posted

Date Published: 01 September 2009

PDC 2009 Sessions Posted

They’ve recently updated the list of sessions for PDC09. You can read the full list of PDC sessions here. A few highlights include:

Scrum for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System
Patterns for Building Scalable and Reliable Applications with Windows Azure
Developing Advanced Applications with Windows Azure
Windows Azure Monitoring, Logging, and Management APIs
SQL Azure Database: Under the Hood
Developing Rich Reporting Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight
Future Directions for C# and Visual Basic

The Sessions are Tagged on the site, so if you’re only interested in, say SharePoint or WCF, you can filter the sessions accordingly (although if you’re into SQL Server you need to try both “SQL Server” and “SQLServer”). And if it’s Azure you want, be sure to check out “Windows Azure Platform”, “SQLAzure”, “SQL Azure”, and “Windows Azure”. Sadly, just “Azure” isn’t used. But such is the limitation of tagging as a tool – its flexibility also makes it prone to duplication. I’m just happy to see it being used for the sessions, since I think it’s far more flexible than having 3 or 4 tracks on broad topics.

And as cool as some of the sessions listed are, we all know that the coolest part about PDC is what isn’t on the session list. Some new thing that will be shown for the first time during a keynote, or a new technology stack that will have sessions throughout the week that aren’t even on the schedule prior to the event. That’s why PDC is always an exciting, must-attend event for me (and why Lake Quincy Media is once again a Silver Sponsor). What are you hoping will be announced at PDC09?

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