Outlook Calendar Default Month View

Date Published: 29 January 2006

Outlook Calendar Default Month View

Can somebody tell me how to alter Outlook so that the default calendar month view shows me a useful time period (e.g. the future, not the past)? For instance, today is the 29th of January, 2006. When I open up my calendar, I’m going to expect to see things that are coming up that I should be thinking about. Instead, I get 5 rows of dates starting on December 26th, 2005, and ending on January 29th, 2006. I’ve been through all the standard calendar options and haven’t come up with a way to select a default (e.g. useful) view for the month view. What I would like to see is the current week plus however many weeks can fit on my screen. I’m fine with seeing a few days of the past, but I really don’t need to see 5 weeks of the past and 0 days of the future – that’s useless. For today, to be clear, what I would expect to see is 5 weeks starting on January 23rd 2006 and ending on February 26th 2006 (I set my weeks to start on Monday; if I’d said to start the week on Sunday then adjust by a day, naturally).

I’ll try to pass this along to the Office team but for now I’ll just rant and hope that somebody has a hack (or menu I missed) that says how to make Outlook 2003 do this today in 2006.

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