Not Working for Microsoft

Date Published: 04 April 2008

Not Working for Microsoft

I thought I should post a follow-up since I’m sure many people ready my post on Tuesday about going to work for Microsoft on some code-named project and (a) didn’t remember it was April Fool’s Day and (b) didn’t then read the comments where I pointed out that it was a joke. I’m still happily self-employed and working on Lake Quincy Media,, and a new consulting business that so far is trying to focus on agile development and in particular setup of continuous integration for shops that don’t already have it (just wrapping up one of these).

I like being my own boss (or at least, having my wife as my boss – she’s the CEO of Lake Quincy and runs the show there), but if I ever did go to work for somebody, it would probably be Microsoft. So… maybe some day, but not yet.

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