New Phone – Samsung i730 PocketPC Phone

Date Published: 10 October 2005

New Phone – Samsung i730 PocketPC Phone

My wife’s phone broke recently, so Friday we went and bought a new phone – a Samsung i730. I wanted to try something that would sync with my email and calendar, and she liked what she had before, so she got my previous phone and I got the new phone. Thus far it’s been a pretty frustrating ordeal which has included a corrupt Outlook profile (for which I found scanpst.exe to be useful), a bluescreen of death, and some headaches trying to figure out what all I had to install (and where) to get the phone to talk to my computer as well as my mail server. As of right now, fingers crossed, it’s working. There’s something of a learning curve with this model, and almost certainly some of these issues were a result of user error. Once I start actually carrying the thing around with me, we’ll see how well I like it. Here’s more info about the phone.

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