New Arrival

Date Published: 11 May 2007

New Arrival

I could go the total geek route and write some pseudo-code to the effect of adding a new instance of a person to the smith family, but that’s been way overdone and I’m so overloaded now that it probably wouldn’t even compile anyway…

I’m proud to announce that Michelle and I have a new son! Nikita Maxim Smith was born in Russia on 20 April 2006. We first met him on 27 March 2007, and we brought him home on 8 May 2007. He’s doing great and our daughter Ilyana is enjoying being a big sister. Nikita is just over 20 pounds and is walking with assistance and is just a lot of fun.

Mom, dad, and new baby are all home, doing well, and trying to catch up after making three week-long trips to Russia in the last six weeks. It’s been a great experience but we’re glad to be done and finally home with Nikita.

Steve Smith

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