Nerdvana – Coding on a Beach

Date Published: 14 December 2007

Nerdvana – Coding on a Beach

Recently on the Regional Director mailing list, the topic of Theater Glasses like these came up, which led me to express my wish for a high-res version of such goggles that would be sufficient for writing code and otherwise being productive as a developer. The ultimate goal, of course, would be to enable working in locations where even a laptop generally fares poorly, such as on a beach, sipping a cocktail, getting a tan, and wiring up some wicked code. In my experience with a variety of laptops, working in sunlight is nearly impossible, since the glare of the sun totally outperforms the LCD of any laptop I've ever owned. However, world traveler Chad Hower (aka Kudzu) noted that his tablet works fine in full sunlight, given that he spent a little extra for an optional military use outdoor screen. Since he lives near the beach, and also gets nearly 8 hours on his battery, it sounds like he's got my idea of the perfect place to code covered. I'm still waiting to hear more about the specifics of his hardware…

Sadly, with a max resolution of VGA, maybe, it doesn't sound like I'll be able to code with just some VR glasses and a keyboard (or some cool VR gloves like in the Minority Report) for some years to come. But if we ever get there, you can bet those gadgets will be on my Christmas list!

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