My New Home Away From Home

Date Published: 16 July 2004

My New Home Away From Home

Ok, here's a bunch of publicly available info on Kirkush/Caldwell/Balad Ruz that I picked up over the last couple of weeks but didn't post because I didn't want to disclose where I was going until I got here for security reasons.

Robert Alt describes his trip to FOB Caldwell in May 2004

A picture I found with Google (don't know who took it or when)

NewsObserver posted this article just a few weeks ago, which describes the trip by road between Balad and Caldwell. Luckily, we managed to get a flight via Chinook (25 minutes) instead of a 2.5 hour convoy.

Kirkush Military Training Base is described here.

This Fayetteville article describes the unit I'm with. It requires a subscription, but Google has a cached version here for now.

I don't have a place to sleep yet and I don't know what my job will be yet, but I expect those things to change in the next week or so.

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