Moscow User Group Presentation – Caching Best Practices

Date Published: 09 May 2007

Moscow User Group Presentation – Caching Best Practices

In my last post I wrote that I would be speaking in Moscow this week – well, I did so Monday night and it went quite well I thought. I have uploaded the presentation and demo code from the presentation as promised – sorry it took a couple of days but I didn't get back online until I returned home to Ohio, USA. Thank you Gaidar Magdanurov for inviting me to speak and for getting me to and from my hotel for the event – thankfully the traffic was amazingly absent. For this event there were approximately 50-60 people in attendance. I presented in English since my Russian skills are still not quite up to the task, and there were many questions, some of whom Gaidar acted as translator for me (though most attendees spoke English quite well). I'm even left with a couple of things to research and track down, such as whether my caching access pattern would be better in a highly concurrent scenario if it used Cache.Add rather than Cache.Insert, so I thank the attendees for giving me some things to think about as well.

I enjoyed visiting Russia and speaking to the Moscow .NET User Group and I look forward to my next trip — though for now I'm happy to stay at home for a little while (at least until TechEd…).

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