More IRR Callup Info

Date Published: 20 May 2004

More IRR Callup Info

Michelle writes a bit about the current, supposedly not involuntary, callup, here.

An interesting set of comments can be found on OutsideTheBeltway. One quote includes: They are utilizing the IRR in three phases. Phase I 1-17 May IRR soldiers are asked to join a drilling unit Phase II 17May-1June Soldiers are involintarily transfered to Units Phase III 1 Jun-TBD Non Obligars (Veterans + Retired Soldiers/under 60)are assigned to units

Weird things in the works......Next step.......Wake the Giant! THE DRAFT

Another Quote: I am an O-4 currently living in san diego. I have been in the IRR for several years, since there are no units or slots for me down here in the USAR.

A couple of months ago I got several phone calls and emails basically stating that I had better join a TPU or take the consequences. I was told that the IRR will ensentialy cease to exist by this fall. and that IRR types will either be transfered to TPU's, called to AD or drummed out.

A more official view, along with a bunch of reactions from military folks, is located on the ArmyTimes site and comment forums.

However, at the end of the comments, one finds this:

IRR Call-up Scam and Army Does About-Face on Call-up Readiness

So, it does seem that not all of the IRR is being called up, but the fact remains that some (or at least one) member(s) of the IRR have already received orders to involuntarily report to active duty (i.e. me).

Update 26 May 2004 I've spoken to several permanent party civilians and military personnel at FLW about the IRR callup and several of them have received information about this callup through official channels, including information about dates and other details just like the ones that were shared in the initial posts about this (above). So, this doesn't sound like a hoax to me, although I could certainly see somebody trying to call it that as a method of 'spin' or public perception damage control.

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