Microsoft Will Ship When VS is Ready

Date Published: 17 December 2009

Microsoft Will Ship When VS is Ready

I’m very pleased to see Microsoft respond to customer feedback requesting a little bit more time before the release of Visual Studio 2010. There has been concern with the current beta release that its performance is not where it needs to be, especially in certain specific scenarios. Microsoft is aware of these issues and has a number of fixes under way or already checked in, but the concern among the community was that there wouldn’t be time for another broad beta or RC release of Visual Studio where any remaining issues could be reported back and corrected prior to release.

Changing a launch date for something like Visual Studio is a big deal. There are partners and events with agreements and logistics already in place. It’s not a free or easy change to make. With that understanding, I applaud Microsoft for responding to community feedback around this issue and working with their dev community to release a better product, if slightly later than initially scheduled.

Oh, and on the subject of performance, even in the current builds, the Add Reference dialog comes up instantly. Woot! BY-NC-SA 2.0

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